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Welcome to the Tempe Preparatory Academies’ community of learners, where we invite you to join us in a lifelong educational journey through the liberal arts.

As a liberal arts preparatory academy with a strong curriculum grounded in the Western tradition, Tempe Preparatory Academy values the enduring pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty. By focusing on this ancient and respected triad of values, Tempe Preparatory Academy seeks to challenge and encourage holistic growth outside the academic setting.

The mission of Tempe Preparatory Academy (Grades 9-12) and Tempe Prep Junior Academy (Grades 6-8) is to enrich the minds and lives of its students academically and socially. We provide a caring environment with opportunities for personal development, social responsibility, co-curricular engagement, and community service on and off campus.

Oliberal arts preparatory academyur liberal arts core curriculum gives students the necessary breadth and depth of expertise for every potential career, every course of study, and every kind of leisure.

We integrate knowledge across multiple disciplines, including humanities, foreign languages, natural science and mathematics to support the all-round development of an individual (holistic development). Students also explore and practice the fine arts of music, painting and drama.

Each discipline focuses on inquiry-based learning – where students ask questions, observe, plan investigations to make explanations, formulate new understandings, and use those understandings to make sense of the world.

Each discipline teaches and reinforces the classical trivium stages – critical thinking, grammatical and logical analysis, as well as rhetoric.

Working together, our courses and instructors are redefining the entire academic experience and creating lifelong learners.