U.S. Congressional Award

xZBj19AaBdj5JXYX0tMOiYqZTO-Vce-RpoLBny53t9o,NoVArawFC3J_bszCD-AQ5pYOMiXBfLgVgF_Ax_O-QPgThe U.S. Congressional Award Club at Tempe Preparatory Academy is a non-partisan, voluntary and non-competitive program that awards young individuals for their dedication to volunteerism, personal development, physical fitness and exploration. Students set individual goals in the four program areas and are honored for each goal achieved. Students move at their own pace or can compete with the club’s other 60 members.

Based on each individual’s performance, participants have the opportunity to earn a bronze, silver or gold congressional award certificate, and/or a bronze, silver or gold congressional award medal. A local member of congress presents the bronze and silver medals. Gold medalists receive their medals in Washington, D.C.

The U.S. Congressional Award Club allows students to connect with their community, seek out new activities and skills, as well as further develop their personal goals and habits. The U.S. Congressional Award does not require a minimum grade point average and is accessible to all students who wish to participate in the challenge. Participants and Congressional Award medalists are privileged to scholarship opportunities provided by national partners, schools and universities.

Club Sponsor

Mrs. Karin Moffitt: kmoffitt@tempeprep.org

Meeting Time: : Fourth Monday of the month at 7p.m.

Meeting Location: Room 401

Eligibility Requirements: Must be a minimum 13½ years old, Register at congressionalaward.org

Grade Levels: 8-12

Dues$15 Registration Fee

Additional Information


Scholarship Opportunities