About TPA

Welcome to Tempe Preparatory Academy

Tempe Preparatory Academy is a nationally recognized public charter school with an open admission policy. Tempe Preparatory Academy is devoted to innovative teaching practices that are unparalleled among schools nationwide. The mission of Tempe Preparatory Academy is to educate students for the lifelong pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty.

Tempe Preparatory Academy Methodology

Tempe Preparatory Academy graduates are confident, knowledgeable and articulate. Students are trained in advanced mathematics and science, fine arts, literature, history, philosophy, economics and modern and classical languages. Students at Tempe Preparatory Academy are exposed to great works and thinking that make a lasting impact on the character and imagination of the students’ lives, which make a life time of learning possible.

Tempe Preparatory Academy fulfills the mission by:

  • Servicing to a rigorous, core liberal arts curriculum in the Western tradition that is the same for all students.
  • Keeping class sizes at 23 students or fewer.
  • Maintaining a dedicated, enthusiastic and intellectually excellent faculty of teachers who serve as models of learning and character.
  • Providing students with detailed evaluations that give an evaluation of learning rather than upon grades and percentages.
  • Only assigning meaningful class assignments.
  • Rigorously upholding high standards of personal conduct from both students and faculty.

Tempe Preparatory Academy is not a school for the academic elite, but rather a school that gives every student the opportunity to become curious and diligent in their opportunity to fulfill their potential.

School History

Tempe Preparatory Academy was founded in 1996 by a group of Tempe professors, engineers and businessmen who wanted the very best form of education for their children. Early on the founding members contemplated opening a private liberal arts academy, however upon further review, decided to open up the school to the public after being awarded one of the first mandates to operate as an open-enrollment charter school. The school published a flyer on its “Great Books” curriculum to residents of the East Valley. Families were attracted to the opportunity to receive a liberal arts, private school education in a public setting. The school filled quickly and Tempe Preparatory Academy began operation in September of 1996 with 120 students and nine teachers. Today, the approximate total student count is 198 in the Junior High and 230 in the high school. The founding board members are Dr. Thomas Butler, Dr. John X. Evans, Mr. Raul Espericueta, Mr. Chris LeBeau, Mr. Daniel Sauer and Dr. Janet Scoggin. Tempe Preparatory Academy is accredited by the North Central Association (NCA). Tempe Preparatory Academy is chartered by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools (ASBCS). The athletic program is a member of the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) and the Greathearts Charter School League (GHCSL).








24.5 Credit Hours (20 Credit Hours – State Standard for Graduation)

4 English

4.5 History

4.5 Math/Economics

4 Foreign Language

4 Science

3 Art/Music

.25 Community Service

.25 Senior Thesis and Defense