Support Tempe Preparatory Academy

If you have questions or for donation inquiries, contact Tempe Preparatory Academy Development Director, Christina Staring, at 480-316-8089 or via email at

Community Investment

Tempe Preparatory Academy is proud to offer a top-tier education with a small class setting and a rich and rigorous curriculum.  Unfortunately, this education model is not inexpensive.  It is estimated that the difference between what the state sends us to educate each student and what it actually costs is approximately $1,200 or more per student.  To bridge that funding gap and continue to provide our faculty and students with the resources they need to learn and thrive, Tempe Prep asks all of its families to participate in the Community Investment program.

Public School Tax Credit

The Arizona Public School Tax Credit program allows tax payers to donate to Tempe Prep in support of our outstanding extra-curricular programs and claim a dollar-for-dollar credit for that amount on their state taxes. These donations are vital to our programs and make up fully 50% of their operating budgets.  Married couples filing jointly are eligible to donate up to$400 and individual filers are eligible to donate up to $200.

Corporate Matching Programs

Many companies offer corporate matching programs that will allow their employees to double or even triple their donations to charitable organizations.  Please check with your employer to see if such a program exists for your company.  If you have questions about your company‚Äôs programs or need assistance requesting a match please contact Mrs. Christina Staring, TPA Development Director, at or 480-316-8089.