At Tempe Preparatory, an Arizona charter school, the path to college begins in middle school. Taking the right courses and forming the right habits for college starts in junior high. In today’s competitive college admissions process, starting early is necessary for building successful intelligence for college. College readiness is something that needs to be nurtured throughout a teen’s education, starting as early as middle school. While most colleges will not ask for a student’s middle school transcript, the choices one makes and habits formed in junior high and high school might affect their options post-graduation.

Tempe Preparatory is tailored to meet the exacting needs of college-bound students. We believe in talking about college with students at every grade level. Our goal is to prepare 100 percent of our student body for acceptance by a four-year college, while emphasizing the importance of character and community responsibility.

College-Bound Initiative

We focus on instilling a college-going culture that not only provides diverse subject matters, but also fosters the habits and dispositions that will put teens on a trajectory for success. We concentrate on academic and non-academic planning, psychology and execution.

Tempe Preparatory provides a year-round rigorous curriculum of academic enrichment, ranging from mathematics to fine arts. In addition, students have the opportunity to enroll in advanced summer courses, extracurricular activities and international study abroad programs that focus on cultural immersion, enhance global awareness and provide an opportunity for personal growth.

We ensure every part of the curriculum and academic offerings builds the skills teens need to be successful in college and in life. Teachers work with students to facilitate deeper learning and encourage deeper learning practices.

We help students cultivate lasting college readiness skills, including college-level reading, goal setting, time management, communication and confidence through daily instruction beginning in middle school. Academic advisors work yearlong with teens orienting them to the college application process, while determining the means for enhancing the strength of their top-tier college applications.

Tempe Preparatory Academy is devoted to helping students maximize their admissions to top universities. More importantly, we want our students to have the knowledge and skillset needed to complete a college degree with success.

Upward Bound Academy Offerings

The listing below currently represents our academic offerings.

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