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Tempe Preparatory recognizes with today’s global competition the best preparation a young person can have for success in life is a well-rounded education. For students to be successful in today’s diverse and complex world, students need a balanced education that includes more than one field of study. Education must focus on the development of the whole person and prepare students to excel in a range of careers rather than training for industry-specific skills that employers may be seeking for a particular moment in time. 

It is the goal of Tempe Preparatory to provide exposure to a broad range of academic disciplines, as well as access to academically challenging coursework designed to teach students to think independently and critically. To this end, Tempe Preparatory requires all junior and senior academy students to partake in a rigorous sequence of courses with emphasis on the liberal arts.

Liberal Arts Core Curriculum

Providing a broad-based education, the liberal arts core curriculum at Tempe Preparatory grooms junior and senior academy students in a tightly disciplined Western educational tradition that instills intellectual rigor, moral structure and principled leadership within a framework of civic responsibility. Students learn across disciplines through a distinctive blend of arts, humanities and sciences.

Students in junior high (grades sixth through eighth) and senior high (grades ninth through twelfth) must complete the requirements of the liberal arts core, which consist of courses in English, mathematics, science, foreign language, fine arts, social science, in addition to a senior thesis and 30 hours of community service. The academic program provides elective course options in foreign language.

Theses foundational courses examine the formative ideas and philosophies that have shaped Western experience. Students focus on the contributions of Greek civilization to Western culture through the study of great minds, thoughts and movements of history. Teachings include works by, but not limited to Plato, Homer, Sophocles, Aristotle, Shakespeare, More, Dante, Descartes, Marx and Dostoevsky.

The curriculum explores the foundations and thought of Western civilization in order to use the past as a model for understanding the present. Using the Socratic Method, teachers engage students by asking questions and challenging students to examine both contemporary and historical issues to help efforts at problem solving today. The program enables students to explore clear and relevant links within, across and outside the curriculum.


Education with Purpose

Through cross-disciplinary learning, students master a broad range of intellectual and cultural content, and acquire transferable knowledge that broadens a young person’s capacity to make critical judgments in a wide range of fields. Students learn how to synthesize and apply diverse and deep study to make choices grounded in knowledge. Through active learning and reflective thinking, students learn how to think and not what to think.

The Western tradition is one of great depth and diversity (of peoples and ideas), and will serve as a superb foundation for students as they go on to be life-long learners.

In the Community

Tempe Preparatory Academy students are required to perform at least 10 hours of community service in each of grades nine, 10 and 11. However, most Tempe Preparatory Academy students serve and lead in the community well beyond those required hours and make a considerable impact in their school, local and worldwide communities.

Tempe Preparatory Academy students have performed over 17,400 hours of volunteer community service over the past three years, since August 2012.

TPA students have volunteered with the following organizations, among many others: (click to expand)
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