Physical Education Department

Participation in extracurricular athletics is required of all students in grades sixth through eighth. Such activity develops traits of teamwork, leadership and discipline that can also pay dividends in one’s academic endeavors. Participation also offers great opportunities to develop strong friendships with classmates.

Each junior high student is required to engage in at least 60 hours of an organized athletic activity. Students who participate in a school-sponsored sport will meet their requirement for the year. Although we highly encourage each student to fulfill this requirement at school, students may participate in an activity not sponsored by Tempe Preparatory Academies.

In the case where a student participates in an athletic activity outside of school, such as martial arts, gymnastics, soccer or swim, the family may substitute that activity for a sport at Tempe Preparatory Academies. The family must submit a Physical Education Waiver in advance, and the director/coach of that activity must verify that the student’s participation amounts to approximately 60 hours of athletic activity in a school year.

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David Brittain – Athletic Director

Jonathan Lambros – Assistant Athletic Director