World Languages Department

Tempe Preparatory offers a dynamic language program as an essential component of its liberal arts education. The program provides an introductory and advanced instruction in literature, linguistics and applied language studies, including Spanish, Latin, Greek, German and French.

In an age of global interdependence and an increasingly multilingual marketplace, foreign language study at Tempe Prep prepares students to excel in today’s global business world. All students study Latin in seventh and eighth grade. In high school, students may switch to a modern language for four years of study or they may continue their third and fourth years of Latin then study another language for two years.

Each course focuses on building language acquisition and fluency through listening, speaking, reading, writing and optimal exposure in the target language. Each class is small to enable students to practice speaking and ensure each student can receive individualized attention according to their needs.

Students study the cultural background behind each select language to fully develop core language proficiency and cultural competencies. Students cut across language boundaries and explore texts in their historical and cultural settings. Through in-class discussions, demonstrations, and course readings, students develop an understanding of general cultural contexts and their implications on speech and text in that culture’s language. Exercises examine how language and culture influence both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Upon completion of one of the language programs, students will gain the necessary expertise, language dexterity and confidence to communicate across cultures.

Tempe Prep also provides language study opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. Tempe Prep offers a range of student-organized clubs, group discussions and study-abroad options to increase levels of proficiency.

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Jamison Gray – Modern Languages Department Chair

Jeff Veenstra – Classical Languages Department Chair


The course builds upon the fundamentals of Latin grammar, but includes a review of all key concepts of English grammar, including mechanics, usage, vocabulary and basic writing skills. Students will be introduced to Roman culture and begin to translate basic texts.

A continuation of Latin I studies, emphasizing the mastery of grammatical details, such as endings/forms, passive and active voices for all tenses, and translation of intermediate texts. The course is a further exploration of the foundations of Roman culture through the reading of literary and historical documents.

Students can choose between Latin III, French I, German I or Spanish I.

Students can choose between Advanced Latin, French II, German II or Spanish II.

Students can choose between Beginning Greek, French III, German III or Spanish III.

Students can choose between Intermediate Greek, French IV, German IV or Spanish IV.

San Juan del Rio

Querétaro, México Summer Program

San Juan del Rio, Queretaro, is located on Mexico’s central plateau, 31 miles south-east of the state capital Querétaro (2 hours from Mexico City). San Juan is famous for its opals. It is an agricultural center and has light industry. A number of wineries, dairies, hotels, Colonial buildings, museums, and churches are also located in the vicinity.

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