Tempe Preparatory Academies Continue a Track Record of Excellence!

Tempe Preparatory Academies are now accepting fall 2015 applications through January 15, 2015 for students entering Grades 6-12. Tempe Preparatory Academy (Grades 9-12) and Tempe Preparatory Junior Academy (Grades 6-8) are tuition-free, public charter schools in Arizona that have received exceptional state and national recognition.

The core liberal arts curriculum at Tempe Preparatory Academies provides students the opportunity to study the literature, history, languages, art, and cultures from the greatest works of Western Civilization. Students participate actively through a Socratic style of instruction in an environment of enrichment, depth of inquiry, and curiosity. Both schools cultivate students’ intellectual and ethical development while preparing students for acceptance and success at the nations’ top universities and Ivy League colleges.

Tempe Preparatory Academy is one of the first charter schools in Arizona and has recently been recognized as having the highest percentage of college graduates in the state (among all open-enrollment public high schools).

Tempe Preparatory Academy is one of only four high schools in Arizona recognized by the National Center for Educational Achievement in 2013 as a Higher Performing School in All Subjects.

“Our curriculum is rigorous, preparing students for college, and ultimately career success. Our class sizes are small, as are the teacher loads. We offer a safe learning environment enriched with arts, athletics and character education. Tempe Preparatory Academy truly offers the well-rounded education most parents are seeking for their children,” said Tempe Preparatory Academy Headmaster Dr. David Baum.

Interested students may apply online before the January 15 open enrollment deadline. If the schools receive more applications than there are seats available, the schools will hold a blind lottery, as required by state law, and then notify families of their enrollment.

For more information about enrollment and the online application process, click here.

About Tempe Preparatory Academy

The mission of Tempe Preparatory Academies is to educate students for the lifelong pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty. Tempe Preparatory Academy graduates have a foundation in the liberal arts of grammar and rhetoric, logic and mathematics, history, natural science and philosophy. Graduates will also have practiced the fine arts of music, drawing and painting and drama. Tempe Preparatory Academy graduates are prepared for every career, every course of advanced or specialized study and every kind of leisure.

(December 2014)