Community Investment Donations

What is it?

Tempe Preparatory Academy is proud to offer a top-tier education with a small class setting and a rich and rigorous curriculum.  Unfortunately, this education model is not inexpensive.  It is estimated that the difference between what the state sends us to educate each student and what it actually costs is approximately $1,200 or more per student.  To bridge that funding gap and continue to provide our faculty and students with the resources they need to learn and thrive, Tempe Prep asks all of its families to participate in the Community Investment program.

Why is Community investment important?

Community Investment gifts to Tempe Prep allow us to maintain small class sizes and low teacher-to-student ratios.  Much of our success is due to the small number of students in each class, which aids our teachers in getting to know your child and how best to help him or her in the learning process.  Your tax-deductible gifts assist in this process by allowing us to attract, reward and retain excellent faculty and enhance our already robust curriculum.    

Examples of how 2016-17 Community Investment donations were used:

  • To augment the Faculty Professional Development fund
  • To help fund the new science courses
  • To purchase new classroom teaching aids to improve student comprehension
  • To improve access to classroom technology
  • To improve campus security
  • To enhance classroom facilities

How can I participate?

Although the requested commitment is $1,200 per student, we know that this is not a financial possibility for every family.  While we are grateful for large donations, any amount is greatly appreciated.  A $25 donation could purchase a new textbook, provide for additional art supplies or allow for more science experiments.  The expectation is not that everyone will donate large gifts to the school, but the expectation is that all of our families will participate in the Community Investment program at a level that is comfortable for them.