Welcome to the

Parent Organization


The Tempe Preparatory Academy Parent Organization is dedicated to enriching and supporting the education of our students by providing resources, communication and encouraging involvement in our schools and community.

The TPAPO is a stand-alone 501c3 non-profit that is run solely by TPA parents.

Areas of involvement for parents to get involved:


Used Uniform and Book Sales

Hot Lunch Cashiers and Helpers

Spirit Store

Snowstorm Staff Bonuses

Box Top Rewards

Scrip Cards

Snack Shack


Events & Hospitality

Tempe Prep Winter Market

Graduation Receptions

Faculty Birthdays

Faculty Luncheons


The TPA Parent Organization Board meets once a month in TPA’s Zelman Center beginning at 6 p.m. TPAPO Board meetings are open to the public. Please check the school calendar for posted meeting times.

TPAPO Board of Directors

Bre Wallace, President

Mika Maharaj Vice President 

April Price, Treasurer

Deb Dendy, Secretary

Joe Surin, Fund Raising Director

Jennifer Holmes, Volunteer Director

Susan Stein, Event Director

Lora Wait, Lunch Director

April Simmons, Communications Director


Key Volunteers

Sheila Woodroffe, Snack Shack Coordinator

Melissa Hudson, Vendor Coordinator

Debbie Hill, Scrip Coordinator

Laurie Hendrix, Assistant Scrip Coordinator

Laurie Hendrix, Hospitality Coordinator

Yolianna Wallace, Spirit Store Coordinator

Mika Maharaj, Copywriter/Editor

Jennifer Sayer, Box Tops Coordinator

Kim Ehmann, Used Uniform Coordinator

Karen Jacobs, Student Support Coordinator

Sabrina Hargrove, Nomination Coordinator

Marcy Meacham, Volunteer Coordinator


Contact Us: info@tpapo.org


Volunteer Opportunities for 2018-2019: