Welcome to the Parent Organization

Lunch Program!




The TPAPO sponsors the on-campus lunch program.  This lunch program strives to serve a variety of foods catered by local restaurants. We strive to offer healthy options and within an affordable price range. We serve lunch each full-day of school, and Jamba Juice every Friday and half days.

All proceeds generated from our lunch program go directly to the school- last year we made enough to update our facility with a lunch area canopy and undertake a rigorous curriculum development.   We can’t do this without the support of parents, students, and dedicated volunteers.

Purchase no later than 10:00 p.m. Thursdays to receive lunches for the next week. You are also able to order by the month or by the semester.

Note:  There is no fee to register.  Click registration to create an account: Your TPA password is TPA356.

The Snack Shack is open each full-day of school for onsite cash purchases, offering beverages including milk, juice, flavored water, chips, applesauce, Easy Mac, frozen pizza, and more.

You may choose to use our snack tickets instead of sending your student with cash.  These tickets are available for purchase in our order lunch portal and every Monday they will be distributed through the lunch counter.

Hot lunches are delivered to school Monday through Friday where parent volunteers serve orders.

Questions and feedback about the hot lunch program, as well as questions about volunteering to pass out lunches or sell snacks can be directed to our interim Hot Lunch coordinator Mike Allen, mike@allenmike.com.