Public School Tax Credit Donations

What is it?

The Arizona Public School Tax Credit program allows tax payers to donate to Tempe Prep in support of our outstanding extra-curricular programs and claim a dollar-for-dollar credit for that amount on their state taxes. These donations are vital to our programs and make up fully 50% of their operating budgets. 

 How much can I donate?

Married couples filing jointly are eligible to donate up to $400 and individual filers are eligible to donate up to $200. 

Is there a deadline to donate?

Taxpayers may donate a Tax Credit to Tempe Prep up until April 15th of the year following the calendar year they would like to use the credit for.  Example:  A donation made on February 15, 2017 can be used    to claim a credit on your 2016 Arizona tax return.  Donations may also be included as charitable contributions on federal tax returns but must be claimed in the calendar year that they are made.   


If you have questions or for donation inquiries, contact Tempe Preparatory Academy Development Director, Christina Staring, at 480-316-8089 or via email at