Teen Court

Teen Court is an outstanding civic and service learning volunteer opportunity for all interested Tempe Preparatory Academy students in grades nine through 12 to participate in Maricopa County’s Teen Court program sponsored by the National Association of Youth Courts. The National Association of Youth Courts is dedicated to providing leadership for a restorative justice model of early intervention so that young people have access to services without formal processing in traditional juvenile justice systems.

Teen Court volunteers sit on a peer jury and determine consequences for first time juvenile offenders. Tempe Preparatory Academy students hear the cases, ask the defendant questions and deliberate on appropriate consequences for restorative justice. There are also many opportunities for students to fill other leadership roles in the legal system, such as serving as defense and prosecution attorneys, victim’s advocate, judge, bailiff and clerk.

Teen Court is coordinated at Tempe Preparatory Academy by eleventh and twelfth grade members of Tempe Preparatory Academy’s chapter of the National Honor Society. Student participation in Teen Court counts as community service and is offered after school on the Tempe Preparatory Academy campus on the fourth Monday of every month from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. in Room 407. Each session of Teen Court begins with an orientation so students are welcome to attend at any point in the school year. Students must wear modest business attire or their school uniform. There is no cost to participate.

A maximum of 25 students can participate at any given Teen Court session. Students interested in participated in Teen Court must sign up in advance for each session. For more information on the National Association of Youth Courts, clickhere. For more information on the Arizona Teen Court Association, click here. For more specific questions about the Teen Court program at Tempe Preparatory Academy, contact Mr. Michael Garcia with the Maricopa County Teen Court program at micgar@juvinile.maricopa.gov or the Tempe Preparatory Academy National Honor Society and Teen Court Advisor, Mrs. Karin Moffitt at kmoffitt@tempeprep.org.